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This web site has been developed to promote interest in and enjoyment of the family history of the Walkers descended from Major Thomas Walker who in 1665 held a patent of 2360 acres on the Mattaponi River in King & Queen County, Virginia. We dig into our past to be entertained as well as educated. Its content reflects true life’s many challenges over the years, both ups and downs, in colorful ways through genealogy, pictures, vignettes and stories. Another purpose of this site is to continue to augment and refine this data through additional contributions and corrections. Since family members are still uncovering history, the web site seems a perfect solution for providing a means to post information as it becomes available rather than waiting for a book to be published.

Previous generations have left a wealth of family history in the form of Bibles, diaries, letters, genealogy charts, newspaper articles, pictures, houses, cemeteries and artifacts. John Walker (1785-1867) and his nephew Dr. Bernard Walker (1826-1917) each kept a diary for many years, that provide family genealogy and a glimpse into life in their times. The diaries of Benjamin Fleet (1848-1864) and Joseph Wesley Shackford (1848-), and “Recollections” by Dr. B. B. Bagby (1879-1951), supplemented these earlier records. John Henley Walker Sr. (1875-1969) created a Walker family genealogy chart that covered the period from 1665-1962 and charts of the Temple and Todd families who married Walkers. Other family members who have contributed to preserving our history are Elizabeth Hawes Ryland (1878-1954), Juliet Walker Florance (1876-1962) , Elizabeth Henley Hutchinson (1899-1988), Juliet Harrison Florance (1918-2007), and Letitia Jones Walker (1917-2001). Much of this information will be made available on this site.

Also included here is history gathered from living Walker descendents who have dug into their family collection of pictures, letters, newspaper clippings, etc., which were gathering dust in some corner of the house. They have been very generous and to them I am very grateful.

Walker family members are invited to contribute by providing additions and corrections to what is posted here. Instructions on how to are under the “Contact” page.

Virginia Henley Walker Shelor (Biddie)

March 2012