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The Walker Family Reunion began in 1938 after John Henley Walker, Sr. of Locust Grove sent a letter to family members soliciting interest in improving the old family burial ground by cleaning it up and constructing a wall around it. The response was overwhelming. A Walker organization was formed to accomplish this task, meeting annually in August as a family reunion. The task of enclosing the family burial place was accomplished in the early 1950’s. The reunion has continued for almost 75 years. Family members meet annually on the 3rd Saturday in August at Locust Grove Farm in Walkerton, Virginia on the banks of the Mattaponi River to enjoy food, fellowship and family history.

A Constitution was drawn up and approved in 1945 and reads as follows:

We, the descendants of Major Thomas Walker, who was granted a patent by the King of England to certain lands along the Mattaponi River, now a part of King and Queen County, Virginia, in order to bind together all said descendants with common ties and interests, to foster a closer relationship among ourselves, to arouse a greater interest in our noble heritage and a love for one another as members of one family, and to restore and perpetuate the old graveyard on the original grant, which is now a part of the farm known as “Locust Grove,” near Walkerton, Virginia, do ordain and establish the Constitution of THE LOCUST GROVE ASSOCIATION.


Sec. 1. The objects of this Association shall be:
  1. To unite and bind together all of this particular Walker family who may desire to join and who show an interest in the objects of the Association.

  2. To promote among its members, fellowship and good will.

  3. To foster a deeper feeling and greater love for our ancestry and for all members of the Association.

  4. To secure such data relative to our ancestry as may be of historical interest, and to aid in restoring and passing on a good condition the old graveyard or graveyards of our ancestors.

  Sec. 2. All members of this Association shall be equally obligated, as they may see fit, to assist financially and otherwise, in the promotion of these aims.

ARTICLE II-Organization

Sec. 1. This Association, into which we individually and collectively bind ourselves, shall be know as “The Locust Grove Association”.  

A set of bylaws was also established and approved in which the early association had a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasure, and a Board of Directors. No Dues were imposed on members, but all money received was given voluntarily. Although the objectives have basically remained the same, the formal organizational structure has not been used since 1990s.

  Years ago a card was printed to identify “clan members”.   Over the years some of the topics of family history presented at the reunion were the following:    

Much of the information specific to the “Locust Grove” Walkers will be included in this web site.