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A Walker Genealogy file of Family Index cards is used to present the genealogy data. The data provided is what has been obtained so far from many sources. It is by no means complete. Much of it has been validated from several sources, but may not be correct. It is still in a state of preparation rather than finality. The individuals on the data base should be at least 21 years of age.

To find a person of interest click on the Surname Index field and you will be directed to an index of last names. Click on the last name of the person and you will receive a list of individuals with that last name. Select a name and click on it. You will be presented with a “Web Family Card” displaying the person, spouse, their parents, and children. Some basic information such as events, (birth, death, marriage dates), occupation and religious affiliation may be available on the Card.

To view more in depth notes, click on the name of the person or spouse and you will be provided with a “Person Sheet”. At this time there may not be additional data there. Providing data will be an ongoing project for some time. To return to the family information select “Web Family Card” at the bottom of the page. To find more detailed information about the parents and children, click on their names and their card will appear. By clicking on parents and children, you can navigate up and down the chain of relatives. You can always return to the Surname Index, by clicking on the word “Surnames” at the bottom of the card. If you click on “Index”, you will be provided with an index of names in alphabetical order by last name and can navigate from there by selecting the first letter of the last name and scrolling until you find the name of interest.

Please contact us if you find questionable data and if you have data to share as we are trying to be informative and accurate.

Walker Genealogy